Mayra Sérgio

The Landscape Crossing The Ocean


This work explores the process of identity loss that pervades adapting to a foreigner culture. During a trip to my home country, I collected fragments of various types of landscapes; gathering elements that are becoming foreigner to me, and that embody the different and complex textures of Rio de Janeiro. Taken out of context, this (almost) absurd collection of objects (plastic chair, saint statues, bricks, sidewalk pieces…) and materials (soil, banana tree leaves, acai berries, beach sand…), reflect and picture my personal experience with the city I’m originally from.

In the Netherlands the collected elements went through diverse techniques of pulverization, becoming the remains of a former identity. The different powders were used as ink and applied with silkscreen onto a paper. By relocating, fragmenting and recomposing these components I intend to appropriate and reconstruct the landscape into new forms creating a meditative metaphor for cultural integration and social adaptation.

Photos by Jessie Yingying Gong, Romy Yedidia and Cyriel Jacobs