Mayra Sérgio

Wetter Than Wet

2018. In collaboration with Elena Khurtova and Marie Ilse Bourlanges.

A collaboration exploring wetness and clay, condensation and landscape, distillation and thoughts, drops and circulation.

In the intimate space of Josilda da Conceição gallery, Mayra Sérgio, Elena Khurtova and Marie Ilse Bourlanges experiment with extracting moist present in matter. With a series of transformative sculptures, tactile prints and an in-situ installation the three artists bring together a scope of their individual fascinations: condensation gets tangible, distillation becomes circulation, clay is erotically charged. It is hot. It drips. It flows from one to another.

Clay and earth was dug out by the three artists over years. One was dug from Waddenzee as a symbolic act of getting over a lover from the North. One was collected from the outdoor containers of the Rietveld academy. One series was sampled during a journey in Southern France on the possible projection points of the Ursa Major constellation on Earth. One is an immense mass recurring for years from one project to another. They now merge forces. The clay is raw, it’s wet and it sweats, it dries and it cracks. Each drop brings back its power of infinite transformation.